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Kanye West Has A Kim Kardashian Air Freshener And People Love It

The other day, paparazzi went nuts over taking pictures of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian leaving Jay Z and Beyoncé’s house in LA. Just a couple leaving their friends’ house. Nothing weird about that, right?

Wrong. Something mad went down.

Was it repercussions over the rants that Kanye had about Jay Z and Beyoncé, saying that Beyoncé was being a diva about winning the best video award and that Jay Z hadn’t called him? No, it was about a glimpse into the lives of *ugh* “Kimye” that we got.

You see, as Kanye got into his car, we saw something hanging from his rear-view mirror. It was his wife’s head!


In air freshener form…

That’s right. Kanye West has Kim Kardashian’s crying face as his air freshener…


Twitter loved it, obviously…

So the news is about celebrities’ air fresheners now. Cool.

I actually like Kanye West slightly more now. Adds a bit of humanity to the guy. Good for him.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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