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Ed Sheeran Just Made History With His Two Comeback Songs

Ed Sheeran just finished his year long hiatus, and it’s clear that his fans are glad to have him back. 

The two new songs that he released on Friday – Castle on the Hill and Shape of You – were streamed 13 million times (combined) over a 24 hour period, smashing Spotify’s UK and global ‘Day One’ streaming records.

(These were both previously held by One Direction).

In 48 hours, the two songs had been played on Spotify a combined 25,839,709 times, which is impressive by anyone’s standards.

Over on YouTube, and the official lyric video for Castle on the Hill has been played over 17.1 million times, while Shape of You is at 17.3 million plays.

We’re now just waiting to see whether or not Ed’s songs can reach the top of the official UK chart (seeing as they’re at the top of just about every other chart going).

We’d also quite like to know when he plans to get the whole album out…

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